Minimalist Baby

Back when I found out I was pregnant, we were already planning a big move (check out my post on How to Pack for a Big Move). At this point I had already started to declutter my house in preparation for moving. The thought of adding TONS of baby clothes, gear, and everything else that they have out for the little people nowadays, began to stress me out. We also did not have a huge budget to spend on baby items, so going minimalistic seemed like the best choice for my family. While not fully minimal, my goal was to keep to the basics and on a lower budget.

On the budget side of things, a lot of our baby clothes are second hand. I kept an eye out on facebook marketplace for people getting rid of “lots” of clothes for cheap (lots as in selling a bunch together). I got lucky and happened upon a lady who was giving away a bag of clothes for free. I also received a few bags of clothes from a lady from church who I used to baby sit for. From these second hand clothes, I built my base for my son’s wardrobe. While not looking to buy a ton of brand new baby clothes, I did keep an eye out for sales. I was able to score a couple Carter’s sleepers for less than $4 each!

Other than a few items here and there, I did not buy anything new myself until after my baby shower. When purchasing baby clothes, my goal was to only spend $2-$3 per onesie, and as close to $4 on sleepers as I could get. After the baby shower I went to Amazon and purchased what I felt I needed through 3 months, and picked up some sleepers from Kroger (our store has a great selection of baby clothes, which are often on sale). Another option for cheap, second hand clothes would be to check out consignment shops! While trying to stay minimal, I fully expect to have to wash baby clothes quite frequently. I also am not under the impression that I will not have to buy more if I find that what I have is not enough.

Here is my MINIMAL list of baby clothes for the first 6 (or less) months:


Some people also like to stock up on diapers. One of my friends threw us a small diaper shower before we moved, so we have a small collection already. Once trying the couple types that we already have, and finding out what works, then we will buy more as needed. That way we do not end up with tons of one size that end up not getting used!

The other than clothes and diapers, baby’s can acquire a lot of gear! There is so much to choose from, and it is so easy to get lost in the world of baby stuff. I am guilty of changing my mind multiple times on one specific item, only to make a choice and change it later.

One of the items I had a hard time making my mind up on was the car seat. I did my research pretty early on and found one that I loved. It was a top runner in safety, and was decently affordable. It was not until I started doing research on jogging strollers, that I started to change my mind. I enjoy jogging, so being able to take baby with me is very important, so is having a good stroller. The jogging strollers for the car seat I wanted was $300-$400!! Just for the stroller, and the car seat was $200. So I began doing more research, and ended up finding another car seat that had good safety ratings, was cheaper, and had an affordable jogging stroller! Moral of the story, it is ok to change your mind, it just makes it easier to change it when start doing research early!


Some other items I knew I *could not* do without are a pack n play, a wrap, and a swing. The pack n play I knew I wanted has a bassinet and changing station for our bed room for the first few months. After a few months we will transition him to his nursery, and will use the pack n play for travel. I also knew I wanted a wrap to be able to wear baby around the house and out and about, we also got a baby carrier as a gift, which I am sure my husband will be more fond of. And of course, a swing for naps and calming, so I can hopefully get stuff done around the house!

While trying to stay minimal, we were given other items and extras that we are keeping. The most important thing to me was that we got the necessities to have a baby!


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