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Play – Drunk Jenga

So whenever we have people over for a party, sometimes there is an awkward “what do we do, this is so boring” moment at the beginning before everything gets going. Remember doing ice breakers back in the day? Well there is a reason for them! 

I found this box of blank “Jenga” blocks at Target in the under $5 section. While these are no longer available, a normal game of Jenga is perfect for this project. 

Now for the reason of for this post – what do the blocks mean?? (I say “take a drink” in the description to slowly get a buzz, but if you’re ready to get wasted, shots are an easy substitute!)

Flashback – go to the Facebook of someone not in the room and like a post of at least a year old

Embryo – youngest person drinks

Tribal council – everyone votes on who takes a drink

Cryptkeeper – oldest drinks

Ladies – girls drink

Mystery shot – person who pulls block gets to take a shot of something they don’t know what is

Mustache – puller of the block has to hold the block between their nose and upper lip for rest of game, if dropped – take a drink

Rule maker – puller makes up a rule for this particular block

Gary Coleman – shortest person drinks

Fresh meat – whoever had sex most recently drinks (I tried to keep these pretty clean but this one made me lol)

Neighbors drink – people to the right and left of the puller drink

Rhyme – go around in circle, starting with puller, and rhyme until someone messes up – that person drinks

Staring contest – puller choosing person to have a staring contest, loser drinks

Date – puller chooses a partner to drink with for the rest of the game – when your date drinks, you drink & vise versa

Gents – guys drink

Down the hatch – puller finishes their drink

Blind man – puller has to play with their eyes closed for their next turn

2 truths, 1 lie – puller says two truths and a lie, everyone else has to guess the lie – losers drink

Arm wrestle – puller arm wrestles person of their choosing – loser drinks

Bar wench – puller has to fetch drinks for the rest of the group 

Rewind – play in opposite direction 

Crazy cat lady – # of cats you’ve ever owned – take that many drinks

Change seats – change seats with one person 

Thumb war – thumb wrestle person if choosing – loser drinks

Draw two – pull two more blocks

EVERYONE – everyone drinks

Give three – chose 3 people to drink

The REAL slim shady – puller has to stand until the block is chosen again

Hand switch – play with opposite hand

Sibling rivalry – drink for how many siblings you have 

Nose goes – you know the game, last person to touch their nose drinks

Rock, paper, scissors – choose opponent, loser drinks

Lurch – tallest person drinks

Sharing is caring – you and person of your choosing drink

Question master – if anyone answers a question you ask them for the rest of the game, they drink

Outcast – go stand in a corner for one round

Waterfall – someone else waterfalls a drink into your mouth

Group selfie – take a group selfie (its fun to look back at these, but if you’re like me you never think to take pictures in the moment)

Dog owners – drink for how many dogs you’ve ever owned

• • • • • • •

I got inspiration for most of these blocks from other people’s versions of the game. I chose the ones that seemed most relevant and fun for the group of people I would be playing with (military, married, early to mid 20s). This game could easily be made sexual or riskier if that’s the type of group you’ll be playing with!

I hope these ideas help you make your very own drunk jenga! Have fun, and always drink safe. 

Side note – my game has fewer blocks than a original jenga game has, so you may be a few short if you strictly go off of my game!


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