Birth Story: Having a Baby!

If you haven't yet, read my previous birth story blog, read it here. .After spending all of my pregnancy anxiously awaiting my child's birth, it was finally April 5th, baby eviction day! I was told to call at 6 am to confirm that they had a bed available and ready for me. I gave them… Continue reading Birth Story: Having a Baby!


Birth Story: Waiting on a Baby

As anyone who has been pregnant knows, those 9 months are full of many different emotions. Excitement. Worry. Joy. Anxiety. And just about any emotion you can imagine. When I found out I was pregnant (read about it here!), I was already two months pregnant, which meant I only knew I was pregnant for 32… Continue reading Birth Story: Waiting on a Baby


10 Binge Worthy Netflix Shows

A very common question I see asked quite frequently on social media, and discussed among friends is, "What should I watch on Netflix?" So I thought I would make a list of my top 10 favorite binge worthy Netflix shows. Some of these are obvious top binge shows for a lot of people, but if… Continue reading 10 Binge Worthy Netflix Shows


What’s in OUR Hospital Bags?

With March quickly approaching, and our recent trip to labor and delivery with contractions, I realized it was about time to get our bags packed! Officially, I began packing our bags at 34 weeks and some days. Now at 35 weeks, I only have, at most, four weeks before we have a baby (inducing at… Continue reading What’s in OUR Hospital Bags?


L&D Scare | A BABY is Coming *soon*!

I by no means am a professional when it comes to knowing how to prepare for a baby. This was abruptly brought to my attention a little over a week ago when I spent late Friday night into Saturday morning in Labor and Delivery! I had just hit 34 weeks, 6 weeks until my due… Continue reading L&D Scare | A BABY is Coming *soon*!


How to Pack for a Big Move

Moving can be an extremely stressful. There is a lot that goes into planning a move, and if you are planning on doing it all yourself, getting started can be a little daunting. The more you can get done early, the easier it will be, but where do you start? This reality hit me pretty… Continue reading How to Pack for a Big Move

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Baby Shower Favors w/ Cricut Explore Air 2

With my due date quickly approaching (March 31st!!!), it is time to start getting everything ready to go for baby's arrival. My mother, her best friend, and my mother-in-law have been so sweet to throw me a baby shower. While they have everything else covered, I decided to handle the favors, since the guests are… Continue reading Baby Shower Favors w/ Cricut Explore Air 2